Audiovisual Requirements

Having the right audiovisual equipment is key to ensuring a successful experience for all of the lecture participants. Dr. Priest presents digital presentations from a laptop computer using Apple’s Keynote visuals and mpg video clips.

Click AV Reqmts to download a PDF copy of this page. The meeting host must confirm their understanding of these requirements and agree to provide the specified equipment or direct the third party providing AV support at the meeting location.

Audiovisual Requirement


LCD Projector High Definition (HD 1920 x 1080 pixels) projector preferred, particularly for 3:1 wide format. WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) or XGA resolution sized appropriately for room and group size. Minimum 3000 lumens for groups greater than 100 people. Securing a back-up bulb is recommended. Dr. Priest brings his MacBook Pro adapter.
Projection screen
All of Dr. Priest’s presentations are in a 3:1 wide aspect ratio aspect format. Minimum of 12’ screen for 3:1 wide format presentations. 10’ screen for 50 to 100 people, and 8’ screen for between 25-50 people.
Low ambient lighting (dim) in room
Blinds or shades to ensure easy viewing of visuals. If low ambient lighting is not available, the projector will need to be at least 3000-4000 lumens.
Sound system with RCA cable External computer speakers (under 30 people) or sound system (greater than 30 people) to project sound from laptop.
Wireless microphone required for groups of more than 30 people.
Laser pointer / remote control
Dr. Priest brings his own laser pointer/remote control.
Extension power cord and power strip 15 foot power cord with 3 prongs to provide power to laptop; power strip bar for multiple plug-in’s.
Laptop stand or table Table positioned for easy accessibility for speaker with space for LCD projector and laptop computer.
Replacement laptop
(back-up computer)
Host to secure a back-up Apple laptop with USB drive, Apple Keynote software and ability to play mpg videos. Dr. Priest brings a back-up copy of his presentation on a flash drive in order to easily transfer his presentations to another laptop.
Lecture handouts Dr. Priest provides handouts in electronic PDF format prior to the meeting date. Host to provide printed copies for all attendees.