Priest, GF.  Chapter 22: Soft tissue development with provisional and definitive implant restorations. In: Sonick M, Hwang D (eds). Implant Site Development, IA:Wiley-Blackwell, 2012:398-418. 

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Hardcover ,  456 pages
ISBN :   978-0-8138-2512-0
Published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2012

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   Table of Contents

  • 1 Principles of bone biology and regeneration
    William V. Giannobile and Hector F. Rios
  • 2 Bone anatomy
    George A. Mandelaris and Alan L. Rosenfeld
  • 3 Treatment philosophy
    Debby Hwang and Michael Sonick
  • 4 Decision-making algorithm for regeneration of the periodontally compromised tooth: maintaining these teeth when dental implants provide a compelling alternative treatment option
    Paul S. Rosen and Stuart J. Froum
  • 5 The making of beautiful smiles in perio-implantology
    André P. Saadoun
  • 6 CT/CBCT diagnosis and treatment planning concepts for bone grafting applications
    Scott D. Ganz
  • 7 Implant site development: socket preservation
    Jack T. Krauser and Avi Schetritt
  • 8 Implant interactions in orthodontics
    Frank Celenza
  • 9 Guided bone regeneration: Concepts and materials
    Debby Hwang and Michael Sonick
  • 10 Implant site preparation: Horizontal ridge augmentation using particulate allograft and the principles of GBR
    Michael Sonick and Debby Hwang
  • 11 Guided bone regeneration: Peri-implantation
    Debby Hwang and Michael Sonick
  • 12 Guided bone regeneration: Vertical growth
    Istvan Urban
  • 13 Intraoral bone grafts for dental implants
    Craig M. Misch
  • 14 Bone grafting in large bone defects and extreme atrophy situations
    Nardy Casap and Yuval Samuni
  • 15 Sinus elevation: Osteotome-mediated approach
    Michael Toffler
  • 16 Sinus elevation: Lateral wall approach
    Tomaso Vercellotti
  • 17 Distraction osteogenesis
    Michael S. Block and Christopher Haggerty
  • 18 Immediate implant placement: A comprehensive understanding for achieving optimal clinical success
    Robert A. Faiella
  • 19 Soft tissue augmentation: Pre-, peri-, and postimplantation
    Stefan Fickl and Markus B. Hürzeler
  • 20 Soft tissue enhancement after implant placement
    Christian F.J. Stappert and Davide Romeo
  • 21 Soft tissue augmentation: allograft
    Peter C. Shatz and Lee H. Silverstein
  • 22 Soft tissue development with provisional and definitive implant restorations
    George Priest
  • 23 Bioengineering concepts
    Eduardo Anitua and Gorka Orive