Missing All Teeth in Arch: Completely Edentulous Patients

For completely edentulous patients (patients missing all of their upper or lower teeth), two implant options are available: (1) an implant bridge as described above or (2) an implant overdenture. With either treatment option designed by Dr. Priest, the patient will receive a beautiful and more youthful smile, nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth. During your initial consultation appointment, Dr. Priest will explain each option, including the advantages and disadvantages and the associated fees. The patients selection between a removable implant overdenture and fixed implant bridge is often based on cost, a patients existing anatomy and/or personal preference.

Fixed Implant Bridge A fixed implant restoration is the option most like regaining the function and security of natural teeth because it is permanently attached and non-removable. This type of prosthesis provides the highest chewing ability, superior stability and the confidence of having your own teeth. They are indicated for those patients with a personal preference for a fixed over removable prosthesis. A fixed implant bridge generally requires more implants than a removable implant option. Cleaning a fixed implant prosthesis is much like that of cleaning teeth using a brush and dental floss or other cleaning aids. The cost of a fixed implant bridge is greater than that of a removable implant overdenture.

Before Partial Implant Bridge

59 yr old female, failing teeth and bridges

After Partial Implant Bridge

Teeth replaced with implants
and implant bridge

After Partial Implant Bridge

 Top view of fixed implant bridge

Implant Overdenture An implant overdenture is a removable implant prosthesis retained by multiple implants or by a custom-designed bar that is attached to the implants. This removable prosthesis usually requires fewer implants than a fixed implant prosthesis. Their secure retention generally provides superior stability, chewing ability, comfort and confidence in social situations when compared to traditional complete dentures. Implant overdentures are indicated particularly for those patients who are unable or unwilling to tolerate dentures. It must be removed for cleaning at least once a day, unlike fixed implant bridges that remain in place permanently. The cost of a removable implant prosthesis is greater than that of traditional dentures, but less costly than fixed implant alternatives.

Before Dental Implants

Female, age 65 unretentive denture

After Dental Implants

Esthetic, youthful implant overdenture

Retracted Smile with Implants

Retracted view of overdenture

Retracted Smile with Implants

Overdenture frontal view

Retracted Smile with Implants

Overdenture top view

For more patient examples for dental implants, please visit our Smile Gallery

For more patient examples for dental implants, please visit our Smile Gallery.